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This graph shows the value of all S.M.A.R.T attributes of drive sda (Maxtor 6Y160M0). smartctl_exit_status is the return value of smartctl. A non-zero return value indicates an error, a potential error, or a fault on the drive.

Field Internal name Type Warning Critical Info
Calibration_Retry_Count Calibration_Retry_Count gauge 223:
Current_Pending_Sector Current_Pending_Sector gauge 000:
Data_Address_Mark_Errs Data_Address_Mark_Errs gauge 000:
Hardware_ECC_Recovered Hardware_ECC_Recovered gauge 000:
Load_Cycle_Count Load_Cycle_Count gauge 000:
Multi_Zone_Error_Rate Multi_Zone_Error_Rate gauge 000:
Offline_Seek_Performnce Offline_Seek_Performnce gauge 000:
Offline_Uncorrectable Offline_Uncorrectable gauge 000:
Power_Cycle_Count Power_Cycle_Count gauge 000:
Power_Off_Retract_Count Power_Off_Retract_Count gauge 000:
Power_On_Minutes Power_On_Minutes gauge 000:
Read_Channel_Margin Read_Channel_Margin gauge 100:
Reallocated_Event_Count Reallocated_Event_Count gauge 000:
Reallocated_Sector_Ct Reallocated_Sector_Ct gauge 063:
Run_Out_Cancel Run_Out_Cancel gauge 180:
Seek_Error_Rate Seek_Error_Rate gauge 000:
Seek_Time_Performance Seek_Time_Performance gauge 187:
Soft_ECC_Correction Soft_ECC_Correction gauge 000:
Soft_Read_Error_Rate Soft_Read_Error_Rate gauge 000:
Spin_Buzz Spin_Buzz gauge 000:
Spin_High_Current Spin_High_Current gauge 000:
Spin_Retry_Count Spin_Retry_Count gauge 157:
Spin_Up_Time Spin_Up_Time gauge 063:
Start_Stop_Count Start_Stop_Count gauge 000:
Temperature_Celsius Temperature_Celsius gauge 000:
Thermal_Asperity_Rate Thermal_Asperity_Rate gauge 000:
UDMA_CRC_Error_Count UDMA_CRC_Error_Count gauge 000:
Unknown_Attribute Unknown_Attribute gauge 000:
smartctl_exit_status smartctl_exit_status gauge 1
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