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Shows the number of different IRQs received by the kernel. High disk or network traffic can cause a high number of interrupts (with good hardware and drivers this will be less so). Sudden high interrupt activity with no associated higher system activity is not normal.

Field Internal name Type Warning Critical Info
IPI [2] i16 derive Interrupt 16, for device(s): IPI [2]
RAS_EPOW [589825] i17 derive Interrupt 17, for device(s): RAS_EPOW [589825]
hvc_console [655360] i18 derive Interrupt 18, for device(s): hvc_console [655360]
ibmveth2 [655362] i19 derive Interrupt 19, for device(s): ibmveth2 [655362]
tpm_ibmvtpm [655363] i20 derive Interrupt 20, for device(s): tpm_ibmvtpm [655363]
ibmvscsi [655364] i21 derive Interrupt 21, for device(s): ibmvscsi [655364]
Local timer interrupts for others iLOC derive Interrupt LOC, for device(s): Local timer interrupts for others
BCT iBCT derive Interrupt BCT, for device(s): Broadcast timer interrupts for timer event device
Spurious interrupts iSPU derive Interrupt SPU, for device(s): Spurious interrupts
Performance monitoring interrupts iPMI derive Interrupt PMI, for device(s): Performance monitoring interrupts
Machine check exceptions iMCE derive Interrupt MCE, for device(s): Machine check exceptions
System Reset interrupts iNMI derive Interrupt NMI, for device(s): System Reset interrupts
Watchdog soft-NMI interrupts iWDG derive Interrupt WDG, for device(s): Watchdog soft-NMI interrupts
Doorbell interrupts iDBL derive Interrupt DBL, for device(s): Doorbell interrupts
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