We have a new machine in the compile farm: gcc203.  It is a POWER8 system in big-endian mode running Linux, that is, powerpc64-linux.

It runs Debian; it is a 8-cpu partition of a bigger machine (an S822).
That means you shouldn't normally use more than -j32 (and always much less for non-interactive runs, of course).

The Power ISA machines we now have are:

Name Arch OS CPU cores CPU threads RAM Disk
gcc110 POWER7 BE Linux 16 cores 64 threads 64 GB 1.8 TB
gcc203 POWER8 BE Linux 8 cores 64 threads 64 GB 1.0 TB
gcc112 POWER8 LE Linux 20 cores 160 threads 256 GB 1.8 TB
gcc135 POWER9 LE Linux 32 cores 128 threads 256 GB 24.9 TB
gcc111 POWER7 BE AIX 12 cores 48 threads 128 GB  
gcc119 POWER8 BE AIX 16 cores 128 threads 160 GB  


So, clearly, as a workhorse machine you should use gcc135!

The list of machines currently has some of the CPU/core numbers wrong for gcc203; we're working on it, various programs do not know how to handle virtualised systems well.

Enjoy, and please be mindful of others!