The GCC Compile Farm project

The GCC Compile farm project maintains machines of various architectures and provides SSH access to free software developers, GCC and others (GPL, BSD, MIT, ...).

Once your account application is approved (see the Request an account page), you get full SSH access to all the farm machines, current and future.

For more information about usage, see the wiki page of the project.

Latest news

We are happy to announce that four new x86_64 servers have joined the farm, numbered gcc120 to gcc123. These are Open Compute Project servers from Facebook, with two 8-cores Xeon and 144 GB of RAM. Two of them are running CentOS 7, and the two others are running Debian 9.

Note that these machines are reachable on a non-default SSH port. The SSH ports are displayed in the list of machines, and there is a SSH configuration that you can copy-paste (click on Show SSH config at the top of the page).

Many thanks to OSUOSL for setting up and hosting these servers!

We are happy to announce that 4 new x86_64 virtual machines have joined the farm:

- gcc300 runs NetBSD

- gcc301 runs Alpine Linux

- gcc302 runs OpenBSD

- gcc303 runs FreeBSD

Please note that their resources are quite limited in terms of disk, CPU & memory, so make sure to use them responsibly.

The machines are located in Calgary, Canada. Many thanks to House Gordon Software Company for providing these virtual machines!

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new machines in the compile farm: gcc210 and gcc211 are Solaris zones, hosted on a M3000 server with a SPARC64 CPU. gcc210 runs Solaris 10, while gcc211 runs Solaris 11.

The machines are located in Kiel, Germany. Many thanks to Baltic Online for the hosting, along with the OpenCSW project for the support!