The GCC Compile Farm project

The GCC Compile farm project maintains machines of various architectures and provides SSH access to free software developers, GCC and others (GPL, BSD, MIT, ...).

Once your account application is approved (see the Request an account page), you get full SSH access to all the farm machines, current and future.

For more information about usage, see the wiki page of the project.

Latest news

We are happy to announce the availability of a new MiniMac M1 (with Apple-Silicon arm64 cpu architecture).

The machine is running OS X in a default configuration, please read the login message carefully for guidance.

You can connect over SSH at using custom SSH port 2409.
See for details.

Disk space on this machine is tight. Please remember to clean up unused build trees before you log out.

Hosting is provided by House Gordon Software Company LTD in Calgary, Canada, many thanks to them!

We are always looking for more machines to expand the farm, don't hesitate to get in touch if you are able to provide (and host) interesting hardware.

We have a new x86 machine available running Debian testing (bullseye), gcc140.

If you need more recent software than what is available on Debian stable, then this new machine should be useful.

It has the same specs as gcc120, gcc121, gcc122 and gcc123: plenty of CPU cores, RAM and disk space.  See


gcc220, our physical OpenBSD server, suffered a hardware failure several months ago.

Thanks to the commitment of our host, the machine is now back online with new hardware!  All SSH keys have been reinstalled, but any data that had been present on the old host has been lost.