The GCC Compile Farm project

The GCC Compile farm project maintains machines of various architectures and provides SSH access to free software developers, GCC and others (GPL, BSD, MIT, ...).

Once your account application is approved (see the Request an account page), you get full SSH access to all the farm machines, current and future.

For more information about usage, see the wiki page of the project.

Latest news

A new mips64 machine has been added to the farm: gcc230 is a EdgeRouter 4 running Debian 10.

Compared to the existing MIPS boards gcc22 and gcc23, it has a slightly newer Cavium CPU with 4 cores, but only 1 GB of memory. In addition, it has a local disk while the existing boards have their home over NFS, and it runs a newer Debian version.

As always, this is a shared system, so make sure to use reasonable amount of resources (disk space, CPU, memory). On this system specifically, memory-hungry tasks should be avoided or run single-threaded: make sure to monitor your memory usage.

Many thanks to Denis Ovsienko for providing and hosting the board!

We have a new aarch64 machine, gcc185.  It is a 32-core 3.3GHz Lenovo HR350A running CentOS 8.

Thanks to OSUOSL for the machine and the hosting!

You can connect to the machine at, default SSH port.  Please be aware and mindful of others (do not hog all CPU, all memory, all disk space, etc.)

We plan to retire the aarch64 machines gcc113, gcc114, gcc115, and
gcc116 in a few weeks.  These machines are old and have hardware as
well as software problems now (gcc116 already took itself down).

There still will be gcc80, gcc117, gcc118, as well as the brand
spanking new gcc185 for all your aarch64 needs.  But please migrate
off of gcc113..gcc116 soon!