The GCC Compile Farm project

The GCC Compile farm project maintains machines of various architectures and provides SSH access to free software developers, GCC and others (GPL, BSD, MIT, ...).

Once your account application is approved (see the Request an account page), you get full SSH access to all the farm machines, current and future.

For more information about usage, see the wiki page of the project.

Latest news

We are happy to announce the availability of two Loongson machines with a recent LoongArch 3A5000 processor running at 2.5 GHz: gcc400 and gcc401.

As a starting point, the machines run a custom Cross-LinuxFromScratch (CLFS) build and the software environment is somewhat experimental. Feel free to report any issues or missing software, either directly or through the cfarm-users mailing list to discuss it with other users. As a known issue, some websites such as Github may not be reachable due to local network restrictions.

As usual, make sure to use the correct SSH port, as listed in the list of machines. We also provide a ready-to-use SSH client configuration, just click Show ssh config at the top of the page.

The machines are hosted in Beijing, China by Loongson Technology, thanks to them!

Due to a hardware failure, gcc220 had to be reinstalled on new hardware.

Unfortunately, it means that all user data on the old system has been lost.

On the bright side of things, the new hardware is much larger, with 12 cores / 24 threads and 384 GB of RAM.

Many thanks to for providing the hardware and hosting it!

We are happy to announce a quite exotic addition to the farm: a mips64 machine running OpenBSD. This is a EdgeRouter 4 with a Cavium CPU, just like gcc230. The new machine is reachable over SSH at

The system comes with a comprehensive set of software, installed through OpenBSD binary packages. It is possible to install more packages upon request. However, note that some binary packages are missing on MIPS, such as GCC.

Thanks to Denis Ovsienko for providing and hosting these mips64 boards!