gcc202 back online


gcc202, a SPARC64 LDOM running Debian, had been offline since May because of a hardware issue.

The issue has been found and worked around: the machine is back online, but there may remain instabilities.

gcc10, a 24-cores Magny-Cours Opteron, had been offline for almost one year.  It was running a very old version of Debian.

The machine has been reinstalled on Debian stretch and is now available again, many thanks to FSF France for the dedicated trip to the datacenter! User data has been preserved while reinstalling the system.

A farm volunteer tried to upgrade gcc70 to a newer NetBSD version, but it failed.

The machine was reinstalled on Debian stretch. From now on, support for NetBSD in the farm will probably only happen as virtual machines.

Not-for-profit ISP tetaneutral.net sponsored a new processor to replace the faulty one on gcc68: a Ryzen 7 2700 8C/16T 3.2/4.1 GHz, it has been installed last friday 20180622.

Thanks to Mehdi and Nicolas for their time on gcc68.

gcc13 and gcc14 have been re-installed with Debian 9 (stretch). They were previously running Debian 5 (lenny), and an attempt to upgrade them failed. We were able to keep user data (/home) for gcc13 but not for gcc14.

gcc117, one of the aarch64 machines that was running OpenSUSE, had a btrfs-related crash a few months ago. We decided to re-install it on Debian, since it now supports aarch64. User data in /home was also preserved.

All users should be able to access these machines again with SSH. Since the SSH host keys have changed, it may be necessary to remove the old host keys with "ssh-keygen -R gccXXX.fsffrance.org" beforehand.

Many thanks to our hosts Smile and OSUOSL for the time they spent helping us to troubleshoot and reinstall the machines!

Providing SSH access to farm machines on port TCP/443 had been requested several times, so we deployed this setting on most farm machines (in addition to the usual port TCP/22).

Note that some of our hosts have firewalls that may block access to port 443. We now display which SSH ports should work in the list of farm machines, but this information is entered manually and may not be fully up-to-date.

Later today we'll migrate all current subscribed users to a new mailing list infrastructure. You should receive a welcome message:

Welcome to the cfarm-users@lists.tetaneutral.net mailing list!

****** PLEASE READ ***********

IMPORTANT : Please use the bug tracker and not this list for admin
requests, the 500 or so subscribers cannot help you for account and
admin issues.

******* THANKS *********

If you don't have it in the next 24 hours please subscribe manually with the link above, the new list is open and archived.

We are working on a new solution for the bug tracker.

(And the new admins haven't yet started to work on the account creation backlog.)

Thanks to gna.org for having hosted us for all these years!

We are pleased to announce that AMD donated two Ryzen processors, two AM4 Asrock AB350 Gaming K4 motherboards and 32G of RAM to the GCC Compile Farm project and that not-for-profit ISP tetaneutral.net funded the purchase of the rest of the machines, including additionnal 32GB of RAM, 2x3TB of disk, two cases+PSUs and provides IPv4+v6 hosting for both machines.

"ssh MY_USER_LOGIN@gcc67.fsffrance.org" and "@gcc68.fsffrance.org" should work for all farm accounts.

Many thanks to Nicolas Gonzalez of Snootlab for handling assembly and installation, and again to AMD for the continued support of the GCC Compile Farm project.

gcc112 (PPC64LE) has been upgraded to CentOS 7. /home was preserved.

Software packages for Open Source Software development have been installed. IBM XLC and XLF have been installed.

We are pleased to announce that AMD donated two AMD Seattle octo-cores machines each with 16G of RAM, which are hosted at OSUOSL.

"ssh MY_USER_LOGIN@gcc117.fsffrance.org" and gcc118 should work for all farm accounts.

Thanks to AMD for continued support of the GCC Compile Farm projetct and SUSE people for helping setup the machines.